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Vedant Gokhale


Jain's Background: Jain is a young man in search of his identity after the events of 9/11 change how others perceive him and how he perceives himself. Unexpectedly, Jain finds himself drawn to a newcomer to New York: the fledgling actress Samantha.

I remember the real me, when I made people happy

Director on Vedant/Jain: "Vedant blew me away in the improv part of the callbacks. His comedic skills and willingness to jump in and try anything made him a real leader in that department among the cast. Vedant has a tremendous sense of humor that both kept me on my toes and provided just the right levity at the right moments. Although I knew going in that he could do funny, what surprised me was how much I enjoyed his warmth and charisma as a romantic lead."

VEDANT GOKHALE (Jain Mahajan) Vedant is an actor, singer-songwriter, and standup comedian. He received his acting training at various schools including, Gene Frankel Theater and Endeavor Studios. His improv training includes Upright Citizens Brigade and over the years has been heavily involved in the improv/sketch world. He was a founding member of the now defunct improv troupe, Monkeys in the Atrium. You can also see him perform at various stand- up clubs around the city. Vedant was chosen to be in the 2007 ABC Diversity showcase, where ABC picks a handful of actors to showcase as new and upcoming diverse talent. TV Credits include: "Law and Order," and "Cashmere Mafia". Film Credits include: BODY OF LIES (Ridley Scott,) and NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU (aka NEW YORK, JE T’AIME) to be released in October 2009.

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