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Jeremy Schonfeld


Daniel's Background: After losing his beloved girlfriend on 9/11, Daniel, a blocked writer, appears to have started a whole new life with his wife Reena, but remains haunted by a love he can't shake and questions he can't answer.

You're asking for another miracle?
I don't think there's gonna be one left for you.

Director on Jeremy/Daniel: "Jeremy has been through family issues that aren't terribly far from his character in the movie. He was able to deeply access the complicated emotions Daniel has with his wife and daughter. I met Jeremy because I fell in love with his musical DRIFT. He's the first performer I brought on board and he played for an early fundraising event. He's an incredibly masculine songwriter and performer but had never really acted before. As an interesting side note, the woman who plays Jeremy's deceased girlfriend in the film is his real-life wife, Sarah-Jane Casey."

JEREMY SCHONFELD (Daniel Isaacs) is a singer/songwriter and musical theater composer/lyricist. His performances have ranged from venues like Birdland and Joe’s Pub, to Lincoln Center and Madison Square Garden. His recent musicals include DRIFT and IT HAPPENED ONE CHRISTMAS and an upcoming musical based on his popular song "Greta". Jeremy’s music is regularly performed by a broad range of Broadway talent including Shoshana Bean, Adam Pascal, Tracie Thoms, and Amy Spanger. His albums include the original "Drift" concept album, "37 Notebooks", "Blue Skies and All", and the upcoming "Iron and Coal". Jeremy is also proud to serve on the board of the Broadway Dreams Foundation where he also serves as musical director and supervisor. After attending both Indiana University’s School of Music (Bloomington, IN) and Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA), Jeremy moved to New York City to join the prestigious BMI Lehman-Engel Musical Theater Workshop. A concert reading of DRIFT (with collaborator Craig Pospisil) premiered at the 2005 New York Musical Theater Festival (NYMF) and was more fully produced to enthusiastic audience and critical response as part of the 2006 Festival. Of DRIFT, Charles Isherwood of the New York Times stated: "The score was assured and appealing…reminiscent of Jonathan Larson and Billy Joel." (9/25/06) Jeremy is also a founding composer/lyricist for the A-TRAIN MUSICALS, recently showcased at NYMF and at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater on 42nd Street, Spring 2006. Jeremy lives in Brooklyn with his Kiwi wife Sarah-Jane, sassy daughter Alexandra and hyper dog Byron.

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