Director's Note

Everyone has a 9/11 story. As I have been speaking with people about this movie, I have been amazed and humbled at how much people have to say to the simplest questions. It's as if, with all our public mourning and warfare and political debate, we have yet to have a personal discussion about the impact on individuals of such a defining event. As a nation we chose our designated mourners, our culprits and our defenders and they have stolen away an event that belongs to all of us, no matter how close or far we were to the epicenter. Memories of what happened are indelibly etched in all our minds, but the aftereffect variations are as numerous as people. I've heard so many stories of life change – switching careers, adjusting personal outlooks, recommitting to relationships and leaving relationships, finding god and losing religion, falling into the arms of whoever offered comfort, rediscovering family ties – stories that tell of resilience, grief, community, guilt, anger, fear, love and determination. Some left New York and some decided to stay forever. More than a few people have told me their lives changed for the better since 9/11 by making them more aware, more grateful, more focused and more likely to jettison negative influences from their lives. 9/11 was a catalyst for personal change, both good and bad. This is not a movie about 9/11. This is a tale about what happens after.

~ Elizabeth Lucas

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