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Becca Ayers

Brother Love

Cassandra Kubinski

Erin Hill

Greg Naughton

Jan O'Dell

Jeremy Schonfeld

Julie Danao-Salkin

Robi Hager

Vedant Gokhale

Supporting Cast

Brother Love


Syd’s Background: Perhaps the most exuberant and fun-loving of the film’s characters, Syd came right out of the life of Brother Love, a working musician who inspires his good friend Daniel to face his struggles through his art.

you're face to face now with the real deal band

Director on Brother Love/Syd: "Brother Love is probably the most similar to his character in real life. He brought incredible energy into the rehearsal room, along with a warm, supportive presence at all the right moments. He and Jeremy Schonfeld hit it off so well that by the end of the first day it was as if they had been friends since childhood. Their friendship became a wonderful part of the story."

BROTHER LOVE (Syd Black) Behind a mop of curly black hair, forever in motion, Brother Love grooves and shakes as if he’s trying to conjure the dead. His solo albums, "Album of the Year" and "Turn It Up!", gained large-scale recognition as he helped pioneer Podsafe music. Primarily as a featured guest on the #1 comedy Podcast Radio Show- Keith and the Girl ( He’s currently on tour Rockin’ the drums with Warner Bros/Elektra recording artist Her and Kings County (

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