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Becca Ayers


Rose's Background: Rose emerged from Becca's interest in exploring how a woman emerges from a sudden plunge into darkness. An artist who witnessed the horrors up close, Rose finds herself literally sinking, unable to maintain a relationship with her boyfriend Kyle, until a chance encounter with a delivery man named Ricardo changes everything.

so someone tell me where was I the day
they taught you how to act like nothing's wrong

Director on Becca and Rose: "Becca is one of the bravest actors I know. She's a fearless improviser and has tremendous emotional instincts. I hope she's going to let me share one improv in particular, from when we were still exploring what characters we would choose, where she improvised an entire political performance art masterpiece. Her own personal 9/11 story helped to inform the creation of Rose."

BECCA AYERS (Rose Burns) is a singer/songwriter/actress who makes her living in theatre and dabbles in all kinds of music making. She enjoys playing shows on her own with her guitar, but is also a member of the band, baby goes bang whose debut album (brainypants) can be found on iTunes. baby goes bang is finishing up two more albums; one of acoustic songs and one of songs inspired by the act of making sweet, sweet love. Also on iTunes is Becca’s live cd with collaborator, Bryan Crook, and his band (Becca Ayers; Live from the Laurie Beechman). Her favorite backup singer is sister (and Broadway veteran) Heather Ayers. Becca, also, has just completed an EP with Bradley Dean Whyte that displays her quirkiness best! She is VERY excited to release it but is waiting for money to drop from heaven so that she can print it. Her song "Taste" was used for the pilot "Temps" which was an official selection for the New York Television Festival in 2006. Becca is currently on a mini-tour of MISS SAIGON in beautiful Toronto! She just completed a long run in the original cast of the revival of SOUTH PACIFIC on Broadway, and has, also been seen there in LES MISERABLES and AVENUE Q. Becca got her BFA from Stephen’s College in Columbia, MO where she was lucky enough to meet the best friends in the world.

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